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True Meaning Of Eggs In Dreams And Symbol

  • Amy Deidre Amy Deidre

Eggs Dream Meaning

Dreams about eggs can have different interpretations, depending on the type of egg, and the situation, among other variants. In simple terms, eggs symbolize fertility, life, prosperity, divine purity, and the beginning of something new.

At the same time, this symbol has the meaning of prosperity. However, it depends on the context and the emotions you feel about this dream. Here are some substances that are closer to what you dream of.


Dream of boiled eggs

When you see a boiled egg, this dream shows that you are almost getting something you want. This dream is related to a promotion at work, a new love, or whatever you have wanted for a long time. If this is your dream, enjoy it, something incredible is about to happen!

Dream of fried eggs

If you dream about fried eggs, this illustrates that you have a companion you can rely on and ask for help whenever you need it.

Dream of broken eggs

The dream meaning of broken eggs indicates disappointment in love or family disputes. It is also a sign that you are weak due to the recent events in your life. If you break an egg in a dream, this is a symbol that your wish will not come true.

Dream of rotten eggs

It is a warning sign. You should pay more attention to your life because this dream symbolizes loss caused by negligence. It also means that you are facing difficulties in your workplace.


Dream of hatching eggs

If you try to hatch an egg, this dream is a symbol that describes precisely what is in real life. It’s a birthmark, maybe someone’s child in the family or yourself.

Dream of eating eggs

To dream that you eat eggs symbolizes good health and recovery. If you know someone sick, this is good news for the future. Stay optimistic and try!

Dream of eggs in a nest

If you see eggs in the nest, this signifies financial gain. The more giant and more eggs, the more you earn.

Dream of colored eggs

When you dream of colored eggs, this indicates the arrival of an unexpected event. It is something that will give you a lot of joy. In addition, this symbol represents the arrival of an event of great pleasure.

Dream of buying eggs

When you dream of buying eggs, this dream shows a change for something better. This image also symbolizes birth, but in this case, it is not limited to the birth of a child. It can be the emergence of a new idea or project.