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Symbol And Meaning About Fish In Dreams

  • Amy Deidre Amy Deidre

Symbol And Meaning About Fish In Dreams

In the dream world, fish symbolize good luck, prosperity, and spiritual growth. They usually indicate positive events or changes in the dreamer’s life.

Of course, this interpretation only applies if the fish is alive and healthy. The understanding will be flawed if you see a dead fish or in dirty water. Like other dreams, this depends on the context; the meaning can differ. Below is a dream about fish in different conditions. Go to the topic that best describes what you dream of.


Dream of fish in water

Dreaming about fish in clean waters means there will be moments of joy and satisfaction in your life. Your wish will come true. Enjoy the moment! If the fish are in dirty waters, it indicates difficulties and setbacks. You will find it challenging to achieve your goals.

A big fish in a dream

Dreaming about a huge fish means positive and unexpected changes. Something will change your personal and professional life. It can also indicate a great opportunity.

Dream of flying fish

If you see a fish flying out of the water in a dream, you will solve the problem you are worried about soon.


Dream of dead fish

A dream of a dead fish appearing floating or out of the water is an announcement of a disaster. These dreams can also occur when the dreamer’s life is undergoing significant changes, which may manifest in the subconscious. It expresses fear and anxiety about not adapting to a new habitat.

Another interpretation of dead fish is that something old will be replaced by something new. See how your life goes and try to explain the dream yourself!

Dream of fried fish

This dream appears if you are going through a strict diet phase or have been thinking a lot about food. If you suspect this dream seemed for that reason, there is no point in understanding the meaning of the dream, because it does not have a specific interpretation.

On the other hand, if the dream appears unexpectedly and spontaneously, it means evolution and personal maturity. You are following the right path!

Dream of many fish

Dreaming about many fish signifies that you are going through an exceptional stage—optimism, joy, and prosperity in your life. Moreover, you are in great inner harmony. Your subconscious clearly states this. Happy!


Dream of killing fish

When you dream of killing fish, this image symbolizes your victory over difficulties and hardships. You will feel pleasure because you are free from the shackles that bind you all this time.

Dream of buying fish

When you buy fish anywhere, this signals you to be more careful and not rush in making decisions.

Dream of eating fish

If you dream of eating cooked fish, this symbol shows prosperity and joy in your family. It allows you to devote your full attention to your family. If you are not married, this dream signifies your circle of friends.

Fishing in a dream

If, in a dream, you are fishing and the fish bite the hook, this usually signifies the arrival of new opportunities. But it can also have sinister connotations. These dreams can indicate financial gain through deception, a disguise of truth, or emotional betrayal.