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Dreams are not always a sign, but they can also be just a sleeping flower. If you have read the article on dream interpretation, you will understand that many factors make a person dream.

So you need to pay attention that the existence of a dream interpretation on this site does not mean that it is a hunch—Vice versa. For example, when you are looking for the meaning of dreams about cutting hair, it does not mean that what is listed there will happen.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that it will last a short time if it does happen. For further explanation, try reading the dream article where there are examples of dreams proven years later.

So, whatever the meaning of the dream, make it material for introspection for yourself and stick to God đŸ™‚

About Dreams

Dreams are a subconscious activity that involves seeing, hearing, thinking, feeling, or other senses in sleep, especially during sleep accompanied by rapid eye movements.

In this dream, the brain’s ability factor plays a significant role. Dreams are a form of communication between our body, mind, and soul. All the time, we dream, including when we are awake or awake.

It’s just that this process takes place in our subconscious, so we don’t realize it. Events in dreams themselves are usually impossible in the real world and are also beyond the dreamer’s control.

The exception is a dream called lucid dreaming. In this condition, the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming, and sometimes, it can also influence the environment or situation in the dream.

In psychology, dreams as subconscious activities are included in the realm of psychoanalysis. While the science that specializes in studying dreams is called oneirology.

Interesting Facts About Dreams

People born blind in their dreams do not see ‘images,’ but they dream about sounds, touch, and the emotions they feel. It is difficult for everyday people to understand, but the body’s desire to sleep and dream is so strong that it can overcome physical obstacles.

Everyone dreams, except in some cases of severe mental illness. However, men and women have different objectives and physical reactions. Men tend to dream about other men, while women’s fantasies tend to be balanced between other men and women.

In a sleep study, experiments on people who were awakened at the start of a dream and still allowed to sleep for eight hours a day after three days experienced loss of concentration, irritability, hallucinations, and other signs of emotional disturbance.