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Weird But True! The Meaning Of Dirt Feces In A Dream

  •  Amy Deidre

Feces Dream Meaning

To see feces while sleeping can be very strange and scary for someone who doesn’t know the meaning of dreams. In general, this symbol carries a good sign. There are exceptions, but most dreams related to feces are a sign of good luck, especially those related to financing, business, and prosperity.

Since ancient times, many people have thought that dreams about dung carry the meaning of good luck. Many people have indeed proved this. If one dreams about feces in the toilet, he/ she will likely earn money or be approaching payday. On the other hand, this dream also shows ugliness under certain conditions.

For a more detailed interpretation, here are some different contexts involving symbols about human excrement in dreams. Look at the one most similar to what you dreamed of and find its true meaning.

Dream of seeing the dirt

If, in a dream, you see dirt, it signifies that you will have fun in business, and as a result, your financial profits will increase. It is a great investment time, as everything indicates that luck is on your side!

Dream of stepping on dirt

While it is not very pleasant to step on dirt, the reality is that dreaming of it denotes some promising moments in your life. It can also indicate that good changes will occur soon.

Dream of holding dirt

Dreaming of holding dirt implies that you are wasting opportunities in your life, either because of fear or lack of courage. It is a clear sign that you need to be more diligent and fast so as not to miss an opportunity, or you might regret it.

Dream of dirt on your body

If you dream about human feces stuck to your body, this can show that you have bad feelings within yourself or are ashamed of something that has happened in your life. Human waste on your body can symbolize that you must improve yourself to live a more balanced and happy life.

Dream of eating dirt

It may be the most disgusting dream involving feces, but still, its meaning is perfect. This dream indicates that an extensive moment will come in your life, so big that you cannot believe it.

It could be unexpected news, the arrival of great love, or something you may not be aware of. All this is luck, and he is on your side!

Dream of animal droppings

Animal droppings such as cats and dogs indicate that this is a good phase for work, for example, building a partnership with someone. It all shows that this phase will be very beneficial in this area—lots of luck regarding finances and new opportunities.