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Symbolic Meaning About Flood In Dreams

  • Amy Deidre Amy Deidre

Flood Dream Meaning

Dreaming about flood can reveal much about a person’s life, even if you often don’t realize it immediately. When you dream about a flood, you may face conflict, sadness, or feel depressed.

There are several types of flood dreams, each of which can cause different feelings but generally make a person temporarily depressed, trapped, and frightened. You may be suffering from suppressed desires and are entirely under stress.


In general, dreaming about flood can be a symbol that a relationship is not going well or there is something you need to fix in your life. Here is a dream involving a flood.

Dream of flooding with dirty water

When you dream about flooding with dirty or contaminated water, this signifies that you are experiencing a painful and challenging time to eliminate it. This dream indicates a lot of anxiety, whether in the professional, family, social, or love fields. Things don’t seem easy for you to finish and you feel lost.

Dream of flooding with cloudy water

Mud water indicates some unpleasant situation happening in your life. You have to be careful to avoid some of the problems you may encounter. Mud water doesn’t necessarily mean something wrong, but it represents some issues you must deal with. However, don’t worry. You will get past them.


Dream of abundant river floods

When you dream about river flooding or other natural forces acting very strongly, your life undergoes emotional cleansing. It indicates that your most significant internal conflict is gone, and your bad feelings are gone. It is good to realize this dream and prepare a life for a new time, with new emotions and free from bad things.

In other words, dreaming of river flooding can be a warning that your life will experience changes, and it is essential to prepare yourself so that your life is lighter and more powerful.

Dream of flooding with clean water

When you dream about a flood of clean water, your worries and feelings will undergo an essential cleaning. The cleansing in the dream has already happened or may happen shortly. It also indicates that your bad feelings are finally gone.