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Scary Meaning Of A Lion In Dreams

  • Amy Deidre Amy Deidre

Lion Dream Meaning

A dream about a lion can be significant, depending on the context of sleep and the dreamer’s circumstances. Generally, when this symbol appears, it carries meaning about power and dominant or aggressive behavior. It shows that you can control yourself with great inner strength.

The lion represents influence and domination over others. However, this symbol is used to find a more accurate dream meaning in several different contexts. See what fits your dreams.


Dream of a lion attacking

If you dream that a lion attacks you, you will fight with someone who is very authoritarian and wants to impose your ideas in any way. It can also symbolize that you will have to face some obstacles in your life shortly.

Dream of a lion above you

When you dream that a lion is above you, you feel weak, and other people think of this vulnerability so that you will be attacked several times.

Dream of being chased by a lion

When a lion is chasing you, it indicates that you are afraid someone will betray you or cause trouble. Think of the person you’re always flirting with or anyone you don’t like.

Dream of killing a lion

If you dream that you kill a lion trying to attack you, you will overcome your fears and worries. It can also suggest that you will defeat an old enemy.


Dream of taming a lion

If you dream about a tame lion, this reflects that you will win from any alliance, whether in love, business, or work. In addition, this symbol also means that you will find new friends who will be loyal and alive.

Dream of a dead lion

The dream meaning of a dead lion always symbolizes the end of a situation in your life, a significant change that you cannot avoid, and it is marked by destiny.

Dream of a baby lion

If you saw a baby lion, this dream shows that you will have a new project that requires your attention, a successful project.

Dream of a lion in a cage

If you see a lion in a cage, it’s a sign that your success will depend on your ability to connect with your opponents.

Dream of a pack of lions

If you dream of a herd of lions, it signifies that higher energy protects the dreamer. You will succeed in whatever you plan.


Dream of a lion roaring

A lion’s roar is a warning of danger! Maybe someone is planning something to hurt you. Careful!