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Symbolic Meaning Of Theft In Dreams

  •  Amy Deidre

theft dream meaning

Although it may seem strange, this is a scary picture when you dream of stealing. Theft is an out-of-control situation. It usually unexpectedly shows ugliness. To find out what will happen, below is a list of common dreams involving theft.

Dream of a stolen car

Dreaming about car theft can mean you are afraid of losing control of your life. Arm yourself with loved ones who will be by your side when you need support and not fear the natural flow of energy.

Dream of a stolen motorcycle

If your motorcycle is stolen in a dream, be careful because jealous neighbors will spoil your well-being. If someone on a bike robs you, watch out for pedestrians getting hit and other accidents caused by inattention. Always keep your eyes wide open because you are often distracted.

Dream of stolen money

Dreaming about someone stealing your money signifies that you do not calculate your expenses carefully or unexpected expenses that may arise. Make a realistic financial plan and always leave provisions for unexpected events so you don’t have to worry.

Dream of cell phone theft

The telephone represents your communication with people in your daily life. If your phone was stolen in a dream, pay attention to whether someone is trying to manipulate what you say or feel. Protect yourself from bad things and always say clearly what you want.

Dream of stolen jewelry

If your jewelry is stolen in a dream, it indicates that something precious will come into your life. You can also receive loan amounts that you made to friends in the past. Be grateful for what you receive.

Dream of stolen clothes

This dream shows future disappointment with the person you love. Clothing represents our identity and what is closest to our bodies. So, don’t trust others too much, so you don’t get hurt.

Dream of a stolen wallet

Dreaming about a stolen wallet means that your health requires special care, or you may spend a lot of money on treatment. Take care of your own life and be careful not to have unnecessary expenses, which you can avoid if you are disciplined.