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The Meaning Of A Crocodile In Dream And Interpretation

  • Amy Deidre Amy Deidre

The Meaning Of A Crocodile In Dream

What does it mean to dream about a crocodile? Crocodiles are one of the scariest animals on the planet, and dreaming of them does not symbolize good things either. These are animals that exhibit falsehoods because of their behavior. Crocodiles are ferocious predators and prey on anything if they are hungry.

When a crocodile appears in a dream, it signifies that there are fake people around us. It is the most common meaning of a dream about a crocodile. In addition, the dream also symbolizes danger, sorrow, or fear. But for a more detailed interpretation, here are some variations with the crocodile symbol.


Dream of a tame crocodile

If you dream of a tame crocodile, be careful. This dream is a sign that someone close to you will deceive you. Someone dishonest but can disguise well.

In the dream world, a male crocodile symbolizes a lie because this is a feature of the animal. In real life, when crocodiles are calm, that’s when they prepare to attack. They wait for the victim to approach and launch a deadly attack.

Dream of a crocodile chasing you

When a crocodile chases you, this dream shows that you have been running away from fear for a long time. Do you know what keeps tormenting you? It’s time to face it, to relieve emotional tension forever.

Dream of killing a crocodile

When you kill a crocodile in a dream, you will overcome all challenges. Whoever dreams of killing a crocodile will ensure victory.


Dream of a dead crocodile

This dream has the same meaning as the previous one. Crocodiles represent all our enemies. A dead crocodile in a dream symbolizes our victory over this adversity. The size of the crocodile also suggests the amount of difficulty.

Dream of a crocodile in water

Water is the habitat of these animals, where crocodiles feel more comfortable releasing their powerful attacks. Seeing a crocodile in the water indicates several opponents roaming around you. Bad people are waiting for you to make mistakes.

Crocodile In Dream And Interpretation

Dream of a crocodile on land

Dreaming about crocodiles on land also symbolizes falsehood. However, your enemies will not have enough power to take you down. You will be the winner! These reptiles are more vulnerable when they are on the ground.

Dream of eating crocodile meat

If you dream of eating crocodile meat, this signifies fear and a problematic situation. You may feel like you don’t know what to do. For that, you must have the confidence to overcome it.


Dream of being bitten by a crocodile

Although this dream is horrifying, it has a good meaning. If you were attacked or bitten by a crocodile, this dream signifies the beginning of a good phase in business, work, and study.