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Symbolic Meaning Of Teeth In Dreams

  •  Amy Deidre

Teeth Dream Meaning

Teeth are a mirror of one’s happiness and appearance. They represent the security you have and when they appear in a dream. That usually indicates that there is excessive worry. Of course, it depends on the context and the elements at hand.

Dreaming about broken teeth is different from dreaming about dirty teeth. These details are essential to interpret this dream correctly. Here are some dreams with teeth in other contexts.


Dream of white teeth

It means you will go through moments of happiness, luck, health, and strength.

Dream of falling teeth

Meanwhile, dreams about healthy teeth show strength, while dreams about teeth falling out show that you are afraid because of recent events that have changed your life. It may be a significant loss or change. All these changes create feelings of insecurity and weakness. Therefore, your subconscious mind produces this type of dream.

It can also represent dissatisfaction with something you did and didn’t bring you the desired results. It is something that causes feelings of regret and disappointment.

Dream of broken teeth

Broken teeth in a dream can symbolize that you are not taking care of yourself or your way of life. As a result, something terrible will happen.


Dream of loose teeth

Dreaming about loose teeth indicates that you need to be careful with your friendships because it seems that there are people who are not loyal to you.

Dream of rotten teeth

It’s another dream with an ominous shadow. It indicates the presence of an illness, which can be either a loved one or oneself.

Dream of teeth growing

Good sign! Dreaming about teeth growing means that your family will welcome new people, like the arrival of a baby.

Dream of pulling teeth

This sign that your life is about to enter a troubled and challenging phase. Some situations can destroy your inner peace and happiness. It takes strength and courage to get through this time.

Dream of crooked teeth

This dream generally occurs in someone who is too concerned with appearance. It would help if you changed this behavior to have healthier dreams. Look deep into things, and don’t just look at the surface.


Dream of bleeding teeth

It is an unusual dream, but it is no coincidence that it appears. In this case, your subconscious gives you a clear warning signal. Blood and teeth indicate that your health may be at risk.

Dream of dirty teeth

Dirty teeth, full of dirt, mean many obstacles in the way.

Dream of hollow teeth

Coming to terms with cavities and pain is a warning for better health care. Another valid interpretation is that you regret something you said, perhaps a lie or slander.